My removal

Dear Sirs,

Today a week ago I moved with your company from Dresden-Pieschen to Blasewitz.
In this place I would like to thank you for the smooth and very good work.
In particular the gentlemen Schäbe, Hesse and Wieland did an outstanding work. In spite of most adverse weather circumstances they handled my furniture with the greatest care.

I was especially happy about the friendly manners of your employees as it was only natural for them to work until the removal was completed, even if the weekend was just around the corner.

Mr Herrmann advised me especially thoroughly before the removal and the coordination by him worked perfectly.
I do not want to move immediately again but if it should be once again the case I would select again your company.
Because of my work I have to deal very much with tenants who move once and again and therefore I can judge the quality of a good moving company very well.

Once again thanks a lot.

Kind regards

Monika Schweizer-Güß

business economist and real estate economist

Dear Mrs Kurz,

When I moved at the end of November last year with my family from Dresden to Cologne and the removal was realized by the business led by you I had to find out that the slogan used by you is not correct like that: “You are moving, we are making it easy for you.”
Instead it should be: "You are moving, we are making it a pleasure for you".
Both the consultation..., and the actual removal were so expertly and excellently realized and carried out that I ask myself now why I did not order ITO as well to carry out my earlier removals.
In the future, however, it will be my pleasure to claim again your services, also if it concerns commercial moves, for example of my colleagues.

With kind regards and many thanks

F. Scholta

Manager production planning and production control

Bauer Druck Köln AG


Dear Mrs Kurz,

The necessary removals of the tenants in the connection with the creation of our building freedom concerning the rehabilitation and modernization of our 120 housing units were taken over by your company in April 1995.

As rehabilitation measures and modernization measures in housings mean additional stress and patience for each tenant, these were especially high for our tenants because the largest amount of the tenants is single and of old age.

Therefore I feel the need to thank you personally and your colleagues for your work.

I would like to emphasize especially that despite the difficult time schedule always solutions were found and that these removals were always carried out punctually and reliably. Furthermore it has to be mentioned as well that the numerous removals were always carried out carefully and in high quality. This expresses itself by no complaints and no claims.

In conversations with the tenants your work finds recognition and it comes also to the expression that your efforts also led to the reduction of the additional stress. We are very happy about that as it also facilitated our work.

We wish you and your colleagues always many orders and always satisfied customers.

Kind regards