You decided for a consultation on the spot.

Until the consultation date we ask you to get a clear view about certain details and to get an agreement with your wife/husband or partner and/or with the one who concerns the removal:

  • Where do we move to? Should it take place within in the present place, to another city, another country or even overseas? The further away the address is the sooner you should ask for an offer.

  • The local circumstances are important at the new address. The floor, the approach possibilities for the truck, if a no stopping zone should be established and if a oblique lift can be used is of interest.

  • Do you want to get the packaging material ordered by us and who should carry out the wrapping and unwrapping? Please take into consideration that the liability of the removal company does not extend to boxes packed by you.

  • Who should carry out the dismantling and reinstallation of your furniture? Generally this concerns wardrobes and linen cupboards, build-on-walls which cannot be left as full pieces, fitted kitchens etc.

  • If you possess furniture which does not fit into the new arrangement and which you cannot sell or give away then we can give it to a waste management. In this case we would then have to know what exactly these objects are.

  • Which insurance would you like to take out? Is the liability of the removal company enough or do you want to take out a transport insurance? (If so, please also read the insurance conditions / liability which you can download in the menu point “Online”)

  • Would you like that your furniture is stored?

  • Which offer form of the price is optimal for you? If you are not yet sure about the transport size, if you might want to use your own carriers, then an offer “deducted by the actual amount of work” would be effective. In case of authority removals, offices or companies generally a fixed or inclusive price is required. When it comes to Federal Armed Forces moves a maximum price will be required.