After having found the housing of your dreams, you should find a date for the removal.

  • Give notice within the period stipulated, if necessary remind of repaying the deposit and make an appointment with the landlord in order to hand over the house
  • Which furniture is brought into the new housing - and above all, do they fit through the doors or windows? As a precaution take their measures. It is important that the furniture can be transported into the respective rooms - not only if the furniture can be placed correctly in this room!
  • Which registrations or unsubscriptions are necessary. Apart from thinking of friends, acquaintances and relatives also think of:
  • telephone, gas and power station, postal service, newspaper publishers and newspaper delivery, insurances (not only the car insurance), mail order, bank or savings bank, health insurance company, GEZ (German TV licence), national pensions place, registration office/local office
  • For the first half year after your move you can receive a forwarding order at your post office.
  • In case that your children leave the old school or the kindergarten they have to be unsubscribed there and be registered at the municipal authority or local authority at the new place of residence.

After the preparations you generally start with packing your household effects into transport containers.This is not as easy as it seems. There will certainly be some things in your household as well that you appreciate very much. These items should be packed by our qualified personnel. This is especially recommendable when it comes to works of art and antiques. This increases the security and guarantees the insurance protection (just in case!)

The 6 most important rules for the packing

Rule no. 1:
For security reasons the boxes should not be packed to full and should be closable (possible to pile them up) .

Rule no. 2:
The containers basically should be packed in a way that the heavy pieces are below.

Rule no. 3:
If you pack up fragile items please make sure that everything is well cushioned. Make a sound test: even when there is only a soft or a clattering sound in your box already after easy shaking then you should find out from where the sound originates.

Rule no. 4:
Dishes and glasses are secured at the bottom by thick crumpled newspaper. Plates should be stored end up in the box (like in the dishwasher). Cups should not be placed into each other.

Rule no. 5:
Please wrap little items (like for example covers, napkin rings or others) in eye-catching paper so when emptying the box again everything can be clearly seen.

Rule no. 6:
Please store your personal items and valuables in a bag which you can keep by yourself.

When packing you should immediately make a note on the box what items it contains and where it is about to go (for example dishes, display case, living room). Important! Write it on the side wall of the box because when the boxes are all piled up the cover is not visible anymore.

Furniture installation: Generally any furniture which can be taken apart should be taken apart because it cannot be guaranteed that the connection elements are able to hold the net weight of the furniture piece.

The easiest way, however, is that our qualified personnel does the dismantling and reinstallation.

Other: Please make sure that on the moving day a possibilty for the removal van to park in front of the old and the new housing is available. This can be realised with 2 old chairs or boxes between which a rope with a reference sign is stretched. In very unfavourable cases your USD moving partner can arrange a “loading zone” for you via the municipal authority.

The most important rule for your removal is:

Keep calm!